Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Under the Weather!

Kailyn was able to attend a preschool enrichment class today at Rose Park! The theme was weather and they talked through all four seasons with books, dramatic play, poems, and activities. She came home with so many crafts! When we dropped her off she got to put her stuff in a locker with her name on it and was given a name tag. She got to choose a center to start with, there were raindrops, clouds, and rainbows - she chose to make the rainbow first. When Will and I left the room to hang her stuff in the locker, he started to cry and scream and tried to get out of the stroller. He remained this upset about leaving his sister, all the way to the car, the 4 minute ride home and in the breezeway until I took him to rock with his cup for naptime! However, Kailyn had a great time and we were even able to go grocery shopping just the two of us afterwards. Thanks daddy for coming home and taking care of Will:)
Kailyn was so exhausted, that while I fixed dinner I found her asleep on the couch! I think it was a good experience and it helped her to get a feel for what preschool will be like next year:)

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