Friday, February 13, 2009

Our "little" man

We had Will's 18 month check-up today! He is 25 pounds- 10 ounces and 33 1/4 inches tall (which is taller than Kailyn was at her 18 month appointment!). We were anxious for this appointment because we got to find out whether or not we needed to continue the nebulizer breathing treatments or not. At this point we need to continue:( The Dr. wants to see Will back in May and then we will evaluate again. Fortunately, today he only had to get one vaccination and he was a trooper!
Will playing with the car toy in the waiting area! We only had to wait like 4 minutes before we got called in, so he didn't get to play with it very long.When they weighed him they played Elmo so that he would sit still long enough to get an accurate measurement!
I literally have to change and move everything around in the room when the nurse leaves because my little monkey climbs on everything:)
Kailyn was such a big girl. She just sat and read books and when the dr. came in she sat on my lap and watched the doctor do Will's physical.

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