Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Camping Out!

Today while the kids took a nap, I set up the basement like a camping trip and the beach (since in my kids' experience those two go together). It took me an hour and a half to remove some items from the playroom and move others to make room and to accommodate for the painting that needs to be done in the near future before we get new carpet:) Anyway, my mom brought over the tent so that I could accomplish this fun dramatic play experience! The kids have been in the basement all afternoon and night and I don't think that Will has taken off his swimmies or his sun hat:)Kailyn and I dug out the rocks for the campfire from the snow this morning!
Both of them put their sun hats on right away and Kailyn wanted the life jacket and the swimmies on! I guess she didn't realize there really wasn't water in the pool:)

We have this fishing pole that is supposed to be a bath toy but leaves the paint on the tub, so I thought the kids might have fun "fishing." Kailyn is singing "I will make you fisher's of men!"

Will enjoyed playing in the pool with some of his toys that he hasn't seen in a while!

Before we went upstairs to have dinner, both the kids were roasting marshmallows (cotton balls) over the fire! Yum!


  1. This turned out so cute. I'm sure it'll keep them entertained for the rest of the week. Its amazing how much mess you make when you setup something like this. Just wait till you take it down! I love the campfire. After seeing the pictures, Kaitlyn is begging to roast marshmallows!

  2. It is a great idea. I'm going to have to come up with something like that as mine love to camp and can't wait until summer when we do it again. We had a blast with you guys today.