Monday, February 23, 2009

Storytime with Grandpa

Ryan's parents came to church with us on Sunday to hear Ryan play. He has been a long time since they have heard him, so they decided to make a morning of it. They came back to the house with me and mom played with the kids while we waited for Ryan to play for the second service. The kids loved the attention from grandma (but I think she loved it even more)! We were able to eat lunch by around 12:30 (which is pretty late for us) and before they left, grandma handed grandpa a book and told him that she told the kids he would read a story to them before they went:) So he took both kids to the chair and read them "If you take a mouse to school." This book is Will's current favorite because there is a page that has a soccer and basketball on it:) Thanks for spending quality time with us grandma and grandpa!

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