Monday, February 9, 2009

Candy Hearts

Today we took all of our candy hearts (from great-grandma) and put them to use. First, Kailyn sorted the hearts by color. Now for those of you who know Kailyn you know that she doesn't really know her colors, everything is always "pink". So I thought this might be difficult for her, but she did GREAT!!!! At least now I know that she can group like colors together and she loved it! I had some sorting mats left from when I taught and I started by putting one heart of a color in each of the sorting hearts and she just took off after I showed her what to do. We also had a little glitch when the mat only had five hearts but there were six different colors, so we just used her heart that I had cut out for our art project today! Kailyn, I am so proud of you:)
After sorting for a while we decided to use the candy hearts for a project. I had cut out a heart for each of the kids and then I had them color it with Valentine's colors. Then they got to take the hearts and paint glue on them and stick them on their hearts! Will didn't really want to paint the glue on the little candy hearts, instead he wanted to paint the big heart, but he did manage to get a few hearts on with a little help from mommy! Kailyn did all of her own and her fingers were sticky, gluey messes, but she had fun and was proud of her heart!

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